Titanfall now free on PC with Origin Access

Origin are currently offering 2014’s wall-running shooter Titanfall for free with EA’s $5/month Origin Access service, bringing the total number of free games to a generous 17. Among these giveaways are popular titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, all of the Dead Space titles, and several instalments in the Battlefield franchise.


Titanfall boasts fast-paced online gameplay and a peerless parkour system

Titanfall features fast-paced online gameplay and a peerless parkour system


One of our favourite shooters here at TLG, Titanfall boasts distinctly fast-paced online gameplay and a strikingly smooth and user-friendly free-running mechanic, whereby pilots (player-controlled soldiers) utilise ‘jump packs’ to optimise movement. The gameplay is split between playing as a foot soldier, and taking control of monstrous armoured robots (known as Titans). The game was developed by small studio Respawn Entertainment (founded by two former employees of COD developer Infinity Ward), and backed by EA.

A sequel to the innovative online shooter is also in the pipelines, with Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated that he has “great faith in [Respawn] to build a spectacular game,” and with regards to what he has seen so far, reported that, “it’s looking fantastic.”

Like the original, Titanfall 2 will release on multiple platforms, but is also rumoured to be capable of cross-platform online play.




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