Dungeon Train VR Infinite Looter on Oculus Quest

Inspired by an episode of popular animated series “Adventure Time”, Dungeon Train VR Infinite Looter invites players to explore and loot their way through procedurally generated train carriages. Each carriage provides a unique experience, containing hundreds of items, such as tools and weapons.

The brainchild of Equal Reality co-founder Brennan Hatton, the developer has explained that the game is still very much in development, with his primary focus being the improvement and refinement of core gameplay mechanics. However, the game is nonetheless available for purchase, with the proceeds going towards accelerating the development process. Brennan has also made it clear that community feedback is welcome, with most changes and improvements so far having been a result of user responses.

The game is available for purchase here, and if you’re interested in keeping track of the development process going forward, a relevant blog is also available.

Platform Support

This game currently supports only the Oculus Quest. The developer expects to add SteamVR support and PC Support in the future, but right now, the focus is on improvement of core gameplay.

Installation of the application for your Oculus Quest is done through SideQuest

Instructions on installation can be found at https://dungeontrain.brennanhatton.com/sidequest

In 2019, Brennan was included on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list for young entrepreneurs, and has been doing exciting and innovative work with alternate reality technologies such as VR and AR for many years.