Subnautica – The Machinery Update

The ever expanding game Subnautica has received another major update and is loaded with some amazing new machines and creatures.

Map Scanner Room –
This room allows you to map and survey the surrounding area and includes surveillance cameras to monitor your base. This room can be standalone or part of your base of operations and power will be required but this is easily achieved.


Scanner Room

Thermal Reactor – 
The Thermal Reactor gets a new model design.  Simply place this machine next to any heat source and it will provide power for your base.

Thermal Reactor

Thermal Reactor

Cyclops 2.0  –

  • The default depth has been increased from 200m to 500m
  • Proximity sensors have been added to assist with navigation
  • Lockers on the lower deck are now functional
  • Added exterior stationary hull cameras can be accessed while driving
  • New hatch animations means the hatch opens and closes when approached


Nuclear Reactor – 

This power source requires Uranium-based Reactor Rods to operate.  This is one of the more powerful power sources but resources can be rare.


Nuclear Reactor

Bio Reactor – 
This power supply requires plant waste to operate, providing reliable energy to your Seabase.


Bio Reactor

Creature Respawn – 
Creatures will now respawn after being killed.  This is great news for your food supply.


Creature Respawn

Floating Container – 
A great item to drop around the map for when you come up for air.  Store anything you need to resupply with on your journey.


Floating Container

You can checkout some of the new features in the video below, including a new biome and creature.

The Loaded Gamer

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