How Technoblade Inspired The Best In Me & A Generation

Widely considered the best Minecraft player in the world, Alex, aka ‘Technoblade’ inspired the best and built a community of 13m people who loved and adored him.

Alex, and his Youtube Profile for Techoblade

An incredibly unlikely story of absurd world records and back-to-back championships. His recent death at 23 has sent huge waves of emotion reaching around the world.

He set out to become the best

To reach this number of people and achieve such feats is not just luck. It takes skill, hard work and most importantly, intention. Which he has captured so well in his philosophical skywars vlog. ‘edgy teenager talks about the meaning of life – skywars

Among his philosophical gaming rambles, he uses an example of a multiple choice math exam designed to disincentive guessing. If you answer wrong, you lose points. On average, you will score better if you only answer the questions you know.

But Techno says guess every question you don’t know. Even if you are most likely to get less than expected, it doesn’t matter. If you luck out and get 100%, that is hugely significant.

No one will really care if your 65% score could have been 75%, 80%, 90%. That will make a marginal difference. But if you get 100%, people will talk about you, want you and remember.

Aim high and optimize for luck.

“Most opportunity’s are created by luck. It takes skill to grasp those opportunities and turn it into success.”

Technoblade, Skyblock: Potato War 2

Framed as a message to risk being mediocre, for your chance at being the best, it’s also a message to always aim for the best you can do.

Technoblade lived this, and you can see it in his personality on each video, and his incredibly unlikely successful career since 13 years old as a Professional Minecraft Youtuber.

From his mission to be the #1 potato farmer on Skyblock, to taking the lead in his first Minecraft Monday. He was prepared to swap out his mouse and keyboard for a steering wheel, just to show off.

Technoblade playing minecraft with a steering wheel

He always had a way to top what everyone else thought was the ultimate success.

He was not only prepared to win the biggest competition of his life, he was prepared to win it by such a huge margin, that he could finish it with a metaphorical hand-tied behind his back.

Which later became potentially much more literal, when he was told he had to have his arm amputated due to cancer. His first reaction was to think of the puns he could make in his videos. He was already striving to beat everyone, one handed.

He went into stage 4 cancer fighting and laughing.

And that is why 60m+ people around the world mourn the loss of the legend that was Alex, Technoblade. In a world of young streamers thrusting themselves into unruly global leadership like we have never seen, we are blessed to have had Alex make such a mark in his short 23 years.

“Even after his eventual successes he somehow managed to keep his good-natured humility, competing with an endearing balance between confidence and self-deprecating wit.“

Techno’s Mom.

My fav inspiring Technoblade content:

Sketch of Technoblade inspiring the best riding an Ender Dragon, as he has done at the end of so many games of Bedwars and Skyblock. by Brennan Hatton
Drew the picture myself, I love it and it came from the heart. Technoblade riding an Ender Dragon, as he has done at the end of so many games of Bedwars and Skyblock.

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