‘Dirt 4’ announced for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The next instalment in Codemasters’ off-road motorsport series has been announced, and will be released on the three major platforms.

Dirt 4 will be the first ‘proper’ Dirt game since 2011’s Dirt 3. This is, of course, excluding 2015’s spinoff, Dirt Rally, which, although challenging, was a brilliant and comprehensive rally game. It is expected that Dirt 4 will strike a balance between the realism and simulation of Dirt Rally, and the accessibility of previous games in the series. The game will also carry the FIA World RallyCross licence, allowing the studio to include iconic real-world race tracks, such as Lohéac Bretagne, Holjes & Lydden Hill.

Check out the announce trailer here:

Dirt 4 will include five global locations for traditional rally racing – Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden and Wales. Perhaps the most intriguing new feature, however, is ‘Your Stage’, which will allow gamers to define certain parameters and have the game produce a procedurally generated track. These created stages can then be shared online with friends. It is also expected that Dirt 4 will boast improved multiplayer gameplay.

Dirt 4 is currently set for a June 9th release on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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