Battlefield 5 may be set during First World War

According to a listing by a German retailer, the fifth instalment in the popular military shooter franchise Battlefield may be set during World War I.

The retailer – World of Games – listed the upcoming title on Twitter as “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg”, which translates to, “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WWI”. The post also claims an October 26 release date. It has since been edited to say just “multiplayer tactical shooter”


Screenshot of the original, unedited post.

Screenshot of the original, unedited post.


Whether or not the release of this information or its accuracy has been sanctioned by developers DICE and EA remains unclear. The extent of our knowledge thus far is that the developer has indeed been working on a new title, and that it would again take place in a military setting. Beyond that, little information has been disclosed.

Other gaming news outlets are awaiting responses from the developer. Updates will follow as and when new information becomes available.


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