Objects in Space – Build Your Own Controller

Objects in Space: A game with a choice of controllers that you can design and build.  This is what I love most about Objects in Space, alongside the fact that you control a entire spaceships with weapons.  We had a chance at RTXAU to speak to the development team for Objects in Space and I was extremely impressed with the concept and how open the game is to designing external controls.

“Objects in Space is a modempunk stealth space-trading game set in Apollo – a huge cluster of star systems dozens of lightyears away from Earth. You are a lonesome ship’s captain, buying and selling wares in order to keep your bucket of bolts afloat and stay one step ahead of pirates, organised criminals, corrupt governments and shady laws.”

The game has a built in engineering system for your ship that you can upgrade with various parts you obtain throughout the game.  The ship can receive damage from other ships attacking you, and if your ship is armed for a fight then the custom controller becomes really fun while locking onto enemies.  You have a choice of engine types meaning you can get away from danger quickly or try to sneak by enemies.



I had the chance to use the custom Arduino based controls at RTXAU and found it a lot better than the traditional keyboard and mouse games I am accustomed too.  The game will be released hopefully this year on PC, OSX and Linux.


Check out their site here.

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