Original ‘Age of Empires’ will be remastered for definitive edition

It has been revealed at E3 today that one of the most beloved PC games of all time, Age of Empires, will be remastered and re-released. This remake of the 1997 real-time strategy classic will feature 4K UHD visuals, a remastered soundtrack, improved gameplay mechanics and online multiplayer. This overhauled edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the original title’s 1997 release. Furthermore, a beta will be available, for which sign-ups are now available.

The Age of Empires series challenged gamers to build and improve an initially primitive civilisation through scientific and technological advancements, acquisition of territory, warfare and various other means. With the original having been followed up with two sequels and a number of spinoffs, the series has sold approximately 20 million copies.

Watch the E3 announcement trailer here:

Beta sign-ups are available at the official site.


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