Witcher 3 studio CD Projekt Red receives $7 million from Polish government for next project

Polish developers CD Projekt Red released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt back in May 2015. Since then, this third instalment in the long-running fantasy series has become a colossal global success, having shipped in excess of 10 million units worldwide (as at March 2016), garnering a multitude of prestigious awards and now being widely regarded by the gaming community as perhaps one of the greatest fantasy-RPGs ever made.

This degree of worldwide success has meant the Polish government are now prepared to contribute a tidy sum in the region of $7 million ($30 million PLN) towards research and development of CD Projekt Red’s next project. It seems likely that this grant will be put towards the studio’s upcoming futuristic sci-fi game Cyberpunk 2077, although this has not been confirmed. Check out the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 here:

While Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Projekt Red’s major upcoming project, it is likely that we will see another Witcher game in the future, with the studio stating that it would be “unfair to fans” not to continue the franchise.



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