VR title ‘Castle Rush’ gets new website

Our good friends at development company Silicon Vagabond have recently launched a new website for their innovative VR-mobile hybrid game Castle Rush. The game involves 1-3 players with VR headsets positioned atop a castle wall and armed with bows, attempting to defend against the mobile players trying to storm the castle. Designed to be played at public venues, Castle Rush invokes a social element to the (until-now) solitary VR format.

'Castle Rush' subverts the conception of VR being a necessarily solitary platform

‘Castle Rush’ subverts the conception of VR being a necessarily solo exercise

The new website contains links to either book Castle Rush for an event at your venue, or have it permanently installed. Check out the site here:


Castle Rush began development at this year’s Hackathon in Merimbula, NSW. Read more about it in our article here:

BuzzyTV’s virtual reality project “Castle Rush”



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