Far Cry Primal Introducing Permadeath – Survivor Mode Coming Soon

If you are looking for more of a challenge in Far Cry Primal, you won’t have to wait long. Ubisoft will be releasing a Survivor Mode for the open-world stone age game on April 12. The developer announced this on its official blog, and game director Thomas Simon said this new mode would make exploration, crafting and the difficulty “more realistic”. He also stated players will have the option to enable permadeath – if you die, you will lose your progress and have to restart the game.




Survivor Mode will introduce a finite Stamina gauge which will make the player slower and weaker as it drains – sleeping will be the only way to replenish it. The mode will also remove the minimap, make human and animal encounters rarer, and introduce a cost to fast-travelling (food and stamina will be consumed).

Crafting will take time, rather than being instant, and you’ll be required to craft cold weather gear due to increased climate sensitivity. To compensate, your Hunter Vision will be increased, making it easier to spot enemies and animals. Apparently it will be needed, as the nights will be longer, darker and deadlier.

With regards to taming, some of the more powerful beasts such as bears and sabre cats will need to brought down to half health before they can be tamed. Your tamed animals will also be susceptible to permadeath – even legendary beasts like the Bloodfang Sabretooth will be gone forever if they die.

Survivor Mode will be available for Xbox, PS4 and PC on April 12. The PC version will also receive 4K textures.




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