Tom Clancy’s The Division “2016”



A smallpox epidemic spreads on Black Friday, it sweeps through cities across the U.S.  The United States Government collapses in five days; basic services fail and without access to food or water, the country quickly descends into chaos.  Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place in mid-crisis New York, an open world with destructive environments to explore as the player restores order by investigating the source of the virus.

The core mechanics are similar to general third person shooters, carry up to three weapons and explosives to fight against the enemies of the world.  With a destructive environment players must take cover during a firefight and search for any tactical advantage to outsmart their opponent.

With a level based system, players earn experience points as they progress and use them to customize their characters backpack, weapons, gear and learn skills.

The game features a dynamic, time based weather system that may alter confrontations with enemies, storms can hinder a players visibility and make aiming more difficult.  The game also features a day and night cycle that will change the behavioral patterns of enemies in game.

The games world is filled with “dark zones” where a lot of high end weapons are left behind when the military retreats in game.  These “dark Zones” are separate from the games main campaign and has its own progression system.

Players can discover valuable weapons and gear inside dark zones.  However these items can be taken by other players inside the zone, and will not be permanently attached to the player unless extracted from the zone through a process called “Extraction”.



Ubisoft Massive

Ubisoft Reflections

Red Storm Entertainment

Ubisoft Annecy




Ryan Barnard


Andrew Fairs


Ola Strandh


Microsoft Windows

Playstation 4

Xbox One


8 March 2016


Single Player/Multiplayer


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